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CBT for Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

Experiencing conflict in a personal, family, friend or work relationship?

Feeling misunderstood, distant or unloved?

Angry or irritated by a partner, family member, friend or colleague?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a highly effective therapy for relationship problems, and can include either individual or couples therapy.

Individual Therapy: CBT can help people improve any number of relationships, including anything from interactions with casual acquaintances at work, to those with significant others, such as partners or family members. CBT recognises that everyone has different challenges to creating and maintaining rewarding relationships and it helps you to target the specific difficulties you are experiencing. CBT applies a number of well-researched methods to improve the quality of relationships. These include assertiveness training, emotion regulation skill building, and cognitive restructuring.

CBT for Couples: CBT for couples can help to improve communication, increase rewarding relationship behaviors, and review/change harmful assumptions that may be contributing to conflict between partners.

Recent advances in couples therapy utilise interventions to:

• help couples change problematic behaviours, and
• learn to accept other behaviors that have been the source of conflict

Using a combination of acceptance and change strategies, couples may learn to enhance intimacy and effectively resolve their differences. If differences are not resolvable then CBT couple therapy may assist supporting couples through the process of separation.

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