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Personal Injury Services for Children/Young People

A personal injury or road traffic accident can leave children and young people with all sorts of disturbing and distressing feelings and memories. Sometimes even many weeks, months or years afterwards feelings of fear and panic continue.

Common descriptions given by those who have experienced a road traffic accident include nightmares, disrupted sleep, flashbacks of the incident, panic attacks, over vigilance, irritability and angry outburst as well as loss of concentration and confidence even in everyday things that once were taken for granted.

We provide private CBT/EMDR for children and young people who have experienced a personal injury and may benefit from appropriate assessment and treatment to assist their recovery and rehabilitation.

We work closely with Insurers, Solicitors and Case Managers to support children and young people achieve their recovery to their fullest potential.


If you would like to refer a child or young person to meet with a CBT Therapist for an Assessment we suggest you speak with your Insurer, Solicitor or Case Manager in the first instance requesting they contact us as below:

Insurers, Solicitors, Case Managers and any other Referrers etc.
To make an appointment or enquire further about the service and our costs:
Phone: Keith Chadwick (Director) on 07981 353 558
Email: keith.chadwick@cbt-centre.co.uk