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Seeking an EMDR Therapist?
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Are you experiencing Depression?

Sometimes worries can build up.... do you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Depression can appear or re-occur and lead to you withdrawing from friends, family and loved ones. Disturbed sleep, low mood, poor concentration, reduced energy, loss of motivation....are just a few of the symptoms. It may be hard to find meaning or purpose in life or appreciate and enjoy activities......

Are you experiencing Anxiety Problems?

Sometimes worries can build up.... do you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Constant worrying, feeling tense, disturbed sleep, panic attacks, fear, worrying thoughts which go around and around in your mind, muscle tension. finding it hard to relax, low mood, irritability, anger outbursts, feeling agitated, frustration, feeling embarrassed, fearing criticism or negative judgement from others, flashbacks to traumatic incidents....

Are you experiencing Stress @ Work?
Stress can build up at work:

  • Stress is now the second biggest cause of employee absence behind musculoskeletal conditions. The World Health Organisation predicts soaring levels of stress and other mental health problems in the next few years. Stress at work can impact on work performance and relationships both within and outside of work.

Are you experiencing Stress @ Home?

Common causes of stress in the home include:

  • money worries, family conflict, health issues, life changes (redundancy, retirement, moving home, changing jobs, birth of a child, teenagers, child behavior etc.), bereavement, relationship problems, worry about family and friends and our own ways of responding to frustrations and problems we encounter in life.

Anxiety & Stress Clinic


How We Can Help

At times our world can seem like a very depressing, anxious or stressful place, full of challenges and hassles.

Here at the Depression, Anxiety & Stress Clinic we can show you how to deal with the day-to-day hassles that life throws at you and to manage demands before they outstrip your ability to cope.

At the Depression, Anxiety & Stress Clinic we work with adults, young people and children and offer a private service to help with:


• Depression / Low mood

• General Anxiety
• Stress at work
• Panic Attacks
• Social Anxiety
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Phobias
• Health Anxiety
• Relationship Stress
• Self Harm

We can provide you with:
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Mindfulness Therapy
• Relaxation & Stress Management Training
• Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
• EMDR Therapy



These therapies may assist you to learn how to reduce and manage your depression, anxiety or stress more effectively.

Call us today on
0845 052 3949 or email here to book an appointment.
Employer, G.P. and Insurer Referrals are also accepted (please email here) or phone Keith Chadwick, Director, on 07981 353 558)